Physics – ICSE Board Previous Question Paper

COMPULSORY : To be attempted by all candidates.

Q 1 (a)(i)How fast should a man weighing 60 Kg run so that his Kinetic energy is 750 J?

(ii) A body of mass 1 Kg is thrown vertically up with an initial sped of 5 m/s. What is the magnitude and direction of force due to gravity acting on the body when it is at its highest point?

Q 1 (b)Diagram given below shows a weightless lever in equillibrium. Neglect friction at the fulcrum F.

(i) State the principle of moments as applied to the above lever.

(ii) Define mechanical advantage and calculate its value for the given lever.

(iii) Name the type of lever which has mechanical advantage greater than 1.

Q 1 (c) A body weighs 20 gf in air, 18.2 gf in a liquid and 18.0 gf in water.
(i) The relative density of the body , and
(ii) The relative density of the liquid.
Q 1 (d) (i) Define ‘Specific latent heat of fusion of ice’. Give its S.I unit.
(ii) What is the effect of increase in pressure on the melting point of ice and boiling point of water ?

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