Physics Mnemonics

Mnemonics are words that help in memorizing something.
Mnemonics may take the form of acronyms, phrases, songs , rhymes places or any word/words or sentences which are used in conversation or have popular appeal for easy remembrance and with which we can easily establish some association with the topic we want to memorize



1. CIVIL In Capacitor ( C) Current (I) leads Voltage (V)
In Inductor (L) Voltage (V) leads Current (I)
2 .Transformer Losses
Edison Electrified His Magic Filament Lamp
Eddy currents loss,Electrical (DC resistance of wires) loss, Hysterisis loss, Magnetic Flux Leakage loss
3.Energy Transferred = Potential difference x Charge
E T’s Phone Calls
4.ULTRAVIOLET (Ultraviolet , Visible and Infrared are in increasing order of wavelength: U,V and I are in the word Ultrviolet itself in that order)
5. Electromagnetic waves in order of increasing frequency
R I V U X Ga
Radio Waves ,Infra red, Visible , Ultraviolet ,X-rays, Gamma-rays
6. OHM’s LAW
Volts = Amperes x Resistance
7. Force (F) on a charge(Q) moving (v)perpendicular to a magnetic field
F = Q v B
Fast Quality Visualizes Business
8.Dia , Para and Ferromagnetic substances
Dial Straight To Wed Rupali
Diamagnetic Substances move from Stronger To Weeker part in a nonuniform magnetic field. Are repelled by magnets.
Parth Wears T-Shirt Slowly but Ferro quickly. Both look attractive.
Paramagnetic substances move from Weeker To Stronger part in a nonuniform magnetic field slowly. Ferromagnetic do the same but quickly. Both are attracted by magnets.
9.Three Elements of Earths Magnetic Field
I Declined to take Horizontal Dip
Declination , Horizontal Component of Earth's Field, Dip or Inclination
. Colour Code for Resistances
B B R O Y of Great Britain had Very Good Wife
Black Brown Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Grey White
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
11. Fleming's Left Hand Rule is for Motors
Fleming's Right Hand Rule is for Generators (Induction)
To remember read Generator as Genrighter
12. Units of Measurement
King Hector Died Mysteriously Drinking Choklate Milk
Kilo Hecto Deka Meter Deci Centi Milli
Tens ' Multipliers
Desi Hero Killed Mega Gigantic Terrorists
Dekka Hecto Kilo Mega Giga Tera
10E01 10E02 10E03 10E06 10E09 10E12
Fractional Multipliers
D C Millan May Not Play Football
Deci Centi Milli Micro Nano Pico Femto
10E-1 10E-2 10E-3 10E-6 10E-9 10E-12 10E-15
13. Galvanometer
Kafai is BINA


K=Torsion constant of spring
¢ is deflection
B is Magnetic Field
I Current in Galvanometer coil
N no. of turns
A Area of coil

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